pp ball valves

PP Tee

The PP Tee fittings are specially designed for various fittings work in irrigation. These irrigation fittings are suitable for both below and above the ground installations. Manufactured from superior grade & UV resistant polypropylene, these tee fittings are widely used in various system components including risers, pumps, valves, sprinklers and filters. Constructed with accurate design dimensions and heavy wall section make these easy to use.


  • Bacteriological neutral
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Good impact strength
  • Smooth inner walls reduce pressure loss and increase flow speed
  • Suitable for both exposed and hidden installation
  • Excellent heat-insulation property
  • Minimum thermal conductivity
  • Chemical resistance for highly corrosive fluids


Size 20MM OD to 315MM OD
Pressure rating 10 kg/cm2
One piece molded-equal end