pp ball valves

Air Valve Manufacturer

Air valves are used in pipeline system to serve two initial functions. First is release of accumulated air that comes out of solution in a pressurized pipe line. It’s function to release air pockets that collect at each high point of a full pressured pipe line. It can open against internal pressure because of its mechanism multiplies the float force greater than internal pressure.

The other function of the Air Valve is to allow air in the system when the internal pressure of pipeline below atmospheric pressure. Air plays a very important role in liquid flow in pipelines and in liquid conveyance and treatment systems in general.

These valves are globally known as best valuable airflow control tools for liquid conveyance system. Our valves are highly acceptable for their durability and quality and we offer best quality products to admired clients.


Material Of Construction PP (Polypropylene)
Application Drip Irrigation System ,Agricultural , Domestic & Industrial
Size 15MM TO 63MM