pp ball valves

Application Areas

The preeminent quality industrial valves offered by our company are generally used in various industries. The basic function of valves is to regulate and manage fluid flow in the industries. Some product has simple manual function while some have advanced computer control system. These valves are durable and reliable, closing securely after long periods of disuse. The quality of valves make them a great choice for the shutoff application. These ball valves are supporting pressure up to 1000 bar and temperature up to 752 °F, depending on the material and design used.

PP Ball Valves are used on virtually in every industry including gas and petroleum, chemical and plastic industries, water and sewage processing, mining and power generation, sugar industries, pharmaceutical plants, cement factories.

Agricultural Industries
Fertilizer Plant
Chemical and Petroleum Industry
Power Plants
Paper and Pulp Industries
Distilleries and Beverages Plants
Sugar Industries
Effluent Treatment Plants
Pharmaceutical Plants
Water Irrigation and Cooling Towers
Salt and Soda Ash Plants
Private and Public Pools
Trick Fountains
Paint and Varnish Industries
Oil Industries
Cement Factories
Sewage Treatment Plant
Swimming Ponds & Fish Farming
Power and Pulp Industries